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Drive In AudioSound remotestart special

Don't let the cold get to you. Get a RemoteStart installed and stay warm.

Save  on all new remotestart

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CompuStar Alarms and Remotestarts


Every Compustar system includes a control module, or "brain" that safely integrates with your vehicle. Our systems are built with Atmel processors for speed, efficiency, and performance.


Kenwood InDash Radios


Kenwood is know to be one of the best car audio manufactures in the world. You can find the best of the best here. Kenwood radios and indash TV are the best that you can find. Everything from basic indash CD players to full navigation units with WIFI connect.


Massive Subwoofers


The best way to improve the over all sound in your vehicle. Adding a subwoofer will allow you to turn the bass down on your radio so the front speakers will no longer pop and you can get better full range sound out of them while maintaining the full range bass in your system. Drive In has the best and loudest subwoofers ever built. Come in to see what you need to make your car sound great.


Massive Speakers


Drive-In AudioSound has speakers starting at $29.99 and going up to over $5000.00. We have the speaker for every need including the basics to the serious competitor. Take a look at what we have and if you don't see something give us a call. We will be happy to help you. When you are looking to upgrade the stock speakers there is no need to look any further. Drive In AudioSound has what you are looking for and what you need.




Drive-In AudioSound has you covered with in-dash units.  Starting at a basic car radio all the way up to in-dash Navigation systems with built in bluetooth.  We have a car stereo to fit your needs. We carry the best car stereos in the business. When looking to get better sound this is one piece of the system you need to take a good look at. A new car stereo with good quality can improve your sound more than any other part of the system. When used with a Massive Amplifier, you will have the best sounding system on the planet.


Mobile Video


Drive-In AudioSound now has the best overhead products that money can buy. We carry everything from basic overhead monitors to full custom built in overhead monitors with DVD players. When it comes to mobile video, Drive In has you covered with the best video products around. No matter what you you are looking for, in car video either from a set of headrest monitors or an overhead DVD player, this is the best way to entertain  the family during long drives. Keep that grump old trunk monkey under control with a new video system from Drive In AudioSound.


Ipod Interface and Aux Inputs


Drive-In AudioSound has the best solution for your factory radio anywhere. When you don't need (or want) to replace your factory radio Drive-In can interface with the factory system to give you an I-pod input, Aux input, or even add amplifiers to your factory radio to increase you total quality experience or just add bass. It's up to you.


Safety and Convenience


Drive-In AudioSound understands that not all vehicles come with a back up camera, or a rear avoidance system. Although we believe that every vehicle should have one of the two if not both of them, we can help you get what you need starting at $79.90. When you want to be safe, this is the best way to go.




When adding aftermarket products to your vehicle you may need something to finish the install. There always seems to be an accessory that you need or have missed. Email us, or better yet, call and we will be happy to help you get exactly what you need and nothing more. When you need to retain steering wheel control, get amp install kits, or just need an extra part you can find them here.