Don't be fooled by the nice face. This is one mean and shrewd business person that learned from a long and grueling job managing teams at Sears and working at a local appliance repair shop managing both employees and the parts department. Jen is a person that has the biggest heart that can be found in a person and a personality that can not be matched. Her main goal in life is to help people out and make them happy with service and products that are superior to our competitors. She will go out of her way to make anyone happy that is willing to work with us and be loyal customers.

  This is one tough lady that has developed the ability to manage and develop great employees. With the focus on running a business and the best customer service in the business, she has given every customer a guarantee on all products, service, and price. Although she is a smart and tough business person, customer service is her main priority. With a focus on customers, Drive-In Audiosound is confidant that we will be the best and biggest car audio shop in the Salt Lake Valley for many years to come.