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DroneMobile (LTE)

LTE Smartphone Control + Tracking Module

Adds DroneMobile smartphone control to any Compustar remote start or security system. 30-day basic trial included; service plans starting at $5.99/month.

Basic Plan:        Monthly: $5.99       1-year: $59.99      3-year: $129.99

Premium Plans: Monthly: $11.99     1-year: $119.95    3-year: $299.95

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Unlimited Range Control            

Remote start your engine and secure your vehicle from virtually anywhere using the DroneMobile smartphone app. Also, check your vehicle's door lock and engine status at any time!

Always Know Where Your Car Is

Subscribe to DroneMobile Premium to gain access to advanced GPS tracking features, such as Car Finder, Points of Interest, Curfew Alerts, and Maintenance Reminders.


Works with Your Favorite Smart Solutions

The DroneMobile app is not just limited to smartphones! You can now connect to your vehicle using many of today's popular smart devices, including Alexa products like the Amazon Echo!


Powered by LTE

The DroneMobile DR-5400 utilizes an LTE connection with 3G fallback to connect to your vehicle. Note: this is a separate connection from your smartphone's cellular contract.